About Vandorn

The geometries employed in my work embody the mathematics of matter, energy, space, and time and are in resonance with the dynamic and generative forces of Nature; growth.”
– Vandorn





“I work with the geometries as if I am composing sacred music for the edification of the spirit of humankind.” – Vandorn





Vandorn Hinnant; painter, sculptor, poet, and educational consultant resides in Durham NC, USA. He received a BA in Art Design from North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro NC, and studied sculpture at UNC-Greensboro. His works of art are in private collections in Africa, North America, and Europe, and in public collections across North America.

He leads hands-on experiential workshops on “The Geometry of Art and Life” for learners of all ages. He is co-author (with Robert L. Powell, Sr and Jr) of the soon-to-be published book: The Rest Of Euclid“; a definitive treatise on the long overlooked implications of proposition one in Volume One of “Euclid’s Elements“.

He has served as guest curator of exhibitions, as juror of many fine art competitions, and guest lectured at colleges and universities. He serves as an independent  arts educational consultant working with both youth and adult learners. Currently the artist is in the process of developing a series of sculpture maquettes (models) to be fabricated into permanent materials.