Installation: “Inquiries and Destinations: A Sound Room for Terry Adkins”


The following is a short video of me speaking about the installation “Inquiries and Destinations: A Sound Room for Terry Adkins”.

This video was captured during my 2015 solo exhibition at the NCCU Art Museum. It is an installation paying homage to deceased artist Terry Adkins.

Photos of the installation:

“INQUIRIES And DESTINATIONS: A Sound Room for Terry Adkins”
(four polyhedrons and three drawings on transparent panels)
featured in the exhibition:

in The DIGGS GALLERY at WSSU through March 31, 2015

This installation serves as my homage to recently deceased artist and friend Terry Adkins. Terry was quite the accomplished artist and focused as much on sound and music as visual elements in his work.

This triangular room, suggested by the three drawings on semi-transparent panels and the three sculptural forms serving to anchor the three corners of this space, has centered in it a six sided form: twin tetrahedrons sharing a triangular face.

The three drawings on semi-transparent panels are suggestive of patterns that manifest when a medium such as a body of water is impacted by an object. It is understood that everything has a vibrational frequency (a sound). The central sculpture is in conversation with each of the sculptures at the corners of this triangular sound room. Each of these forms are related to an ancient body of knowledge referred to in some circles as Sacred Geometry. Many years ago, Terry and I shared in some conversations over this subject. On one of my visits to NYC, Terry gifted me with a rare book: “The Mathematics Necessary for an Understanding of Plato” by Theon of Smyrna.